Outside Our Front Door

There’ll be no picture by the door
Each year my feed was such a bore
Where other kids have stood before
It almost felt a silent law.
On it went until I screamed
These aren’t my kids, they aren’t my dreams
But on it went and so I swore
There’d be no picture by the door.

I won’t post a picture in front of the door
But not for the reasons I felt before
But rather because it all means more
Than a simple picture taken by a door.

You see behind each kid who stands
With uniform book bag in hand
There’s a parent who’s probably finding it tough
Wondering “have I done enough?”
Enough to help them find their feet
Enough to face the challenge they meet
Enough to get them through the day
Enough to ease their work and play.

What will they love and what will they hate?
What happens next when they’re through the gate?
Will they be kind and will they be strong?
Will they fit in, will they belong?
Will they be sporty, will they be bright?
Will they be gentle or bossy or fight?

Will someone sooth them when they’re feeling sad?
Will someone calm them when they’re getting mad?
Will someone help them to clean up their face?
When they’ve got their lunch all over the place?

Will someone tell them they make us so proud?
That we understand why they sometimes get loud?
As they battle to control all these feelings they feel
As our chests start to swell and it all seems unreal

See as babies we promised we’d always be there
That we’d always protect them, that no one would dare
To hurt them or scare them or make them feel small
That they’d always feel mighty and always walk tall

But now we can see that it isn’t quite so
That we have to step back, to allow them to go
To find their own friends and to make their own way
To clean their own mouths, put away their own tray
To read and to write and to add and subtract
To discover the world and to learn how to act
To get into trouble, to find the route out
To work well with others, to speak not to shout

So allow me this moment to watch my son shine
I just can’t believe that this wonder is mine
I grew him from nothing and now he’s at school
It’s mind-blowing, breathtaking, crazy and cool
He’s a slice of pure magic, the one I adore
And I’ll treasure his photo outside our front door

Print by the fabulous Sketchy Muma who always hits the nail on the head ❤️

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