About Me

K&P v2Hi! I’m Kate, a northern girl with a penchant for shoes (not that I have time to buy them), horses (not that I can afford to buy them) and a vet called Gabe (who fortunately is my husband). Four and a half years ago we set out on the road to parenthood, naive and excited and it got pretty rocky.  2 beautiful children and the world’s biggest cat later we’re all still standing – just about – and I’ve got a lovely diastasis recti to show for it.  Nearly 7 months on from my last baby, I regularly get asked when my baby is due and I still can’t fit into anything other than my early pregnancy clothes.

I started this blog mainly as a way of recording my children growing up as, despite having a photographic memory for facts, I have a pretty lousy memory of my own life.  But I’m also going to document my journey to regain my body confidence because I have quite a mountain to climb. I didn’t breeze through either of my pregnancies – to be honest I crawled through both on my hands and knees whilst simultaneously being hit by a sledgehammer – and although I’ll never stop being grateful for what my body has given me, it’s time to give it a break because it’s well and truly ravaged. In the words of the nurse at my daughter’s 8 week vaccinations “gosh you don’t have a very good obstetric record do you?”. No Sandra* I don’t.

*she isn’t really called Sandra but it sounded nursey